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Better Than a Tournament
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Get PAID $1,200. per team!!

Strengthen Your Network with College Programs

Enhance Your Club Brand

The LineUP has reserved 30 roster spots for your club team.
- $100 per athlete as a thank you for organizing a team.

  • PLUS:
    • No admin or deposits for the club; athletes pay LineUP directly.
    • Free coach education at the Delaware venue, July 23rd.
    • Free drill observation from the college coaches all day, with VIP field access.
    • Free lunch for one club coach per team in our college coach hospitality tent.
    • Team will play together in the afternoon game-play; two 30-minute games, coached by college coaches. Club coaches can be as involved as little or as much as they want during the day. Every game will have a college coach on the sideline with your team to help coach your team.

This Offer is For:



CLASS OF '23-'26



- Maximum 3 teams per event date.
- minimum 10 field players to be considered a team. 
- Club or coach to be reimbursed $100 per fully paid registration.

- Available to LineUP "sanctioned" clubs on a space available basis. 
- LineUP may be able to arrange a goalie for games if needed.
Contact Tori by email at


The Best Way to See, and Be Seen


Choice of Who to Train With

Up Close Semi-Private Trainuing

No Getting Lost in a Sea of Athletes

Limited to Max. 18 Field Players per Clinic

Unique Format within 1 Day, 1 Event

New Talent ID - College Coach Cooperative

Play With Their Club Team

Coached by College Coaches

  • PLUS:
    • Know your competition  - Athletes see who selected a specific program for a clinic.
    • Having 60+ college clinics in one place, on one day, provides athletes with up-close direct access to multiple top programs.
    • Allows prospects quick insight and comparisons into college coaching styles, personalities and on-field expectations.
    • Club athletes get to participate in semi-private training - their choice who to work with.
    • EMPOWERS athletes to make informed decisions.
    • Small College Prep Panels with College Coaches - ask questions.
    • Club team members will play together in the afternoon game-play; two 30-minute games, coached by college coaches - and the club coach (if that is what the club wants).
    • Easy Sign-up, through LineUP directly.

A win for both coach and athlete alike.
- Coaches know exactly which prospects have a real interest in them.
- Athletes get quality face-time with multiple coaches.

Contact Tori to coordinate your club or teams participation:

Your Next Steps

  1. Contact your team(s)
    We suggest having at least 6 of your athletes express interest before moving on to confirming your teams participation.

  2. We can let you know if any athletes from your team are already registered and you will still get"credit" on those athletes, and they can join your team. 

  3. Fill out the Club Interest form below.

  4. Tori will call you to discuss the final details, and we will create a private registration link for your team.

  5. You send your team's private link to your athletes, directing them to register for the entry fee by the deadlines below:
    NOTE: Because of the customized selection process for choosing LineUP coaches and clinics you players registered by the dates outlined below:
    1. For July 23rd LineUP, register by May 22nd
    2. For July 30 LineUP, register by May 29th 

THEN - LineUP will take care of all communication to your athletes regarding their college clinic
registrations. Tori will stay in touch with you to tell you who has signed up from your team and if you need
more signups to meet the minimum team numbers.

5 Things To Know

  1. You will get paid on the athletes from your team who have already signed up and paid for that LineUP date! We can assign them as part of your team.

  2. You can have athletes register after the deadlines above, but after that deadline, some college clinics might be sold out.

  3. If you as a coach can't make that date, no worries, it is not required that the coach attend.

  4. You will get paid the $100 on each athlete who signs up with your registration link within 30 days after the event and you must have at least 11 athletes to qualify.

  5. If you have more than 1 team coming, we will ask you separate the athletes based on their age/skill level.

Contact Tori to coordinate your club or teams participation:

Club Interest Form

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