New Years Resolutions for a Field Hockey Player

New Year’s resolutions offer an opportunity for a change to be made or steps to reach a personal goal. While you may make some resolutions for your personal life, here are some ideas to help your field hockey career.

・100 touches a day – Forming this simple habit will improve your stickhandling tremendously.
・ Build healthy habits – Eating healthy and properly fueling your body before and after trainings will aid in the recovery and allow you to push harder in each training session. These habits can include nutrition, sleep, rest, stretching and staying hydrated!
・ Cross train – Have fun with your training! Don’t always play field hockey, practicing and playing other sports will increase your game IQ and utilize a different muscle set (reducing risk of injury) allows recovery time, beats boredom, and prevents mental/physical burnout.
・ Remember the goal of sports is to have fun! – Don’t turn it into a job. While being recruited is an important aspect if you want to continue playing in the future, remembering to also have fun will help with burnout, injuries, and selfish play. The great Wayne Gretzky once said “When it’s not fun anymore, it will be time to retire.”

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