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1 Event.
1 Day.
1 Venue.
Up to 90 College Clinics.
You Choose Your Coach.

A New Talent ID Model


You Choose Your Clinics

Don't Get Lost
in a Sea of Athletes

Limited to 18 Field Players 
and 2 Goalies per Clinic

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Our Co-op Coaches Come
From Outstanding Schools

Harvard - Maryland - Princeton - Columbia - UPenn - UConn - Delaware - Syracuse - Duke - Boston College - Wake - Boston University - Villanova - Temple - La Salle - Johns Hopkins - Babson - Amherst - Lafayette - Dartmouth - Holy Cross - Brown - Fairfield - Middlebury - Bates - Williams - Wesleyan - Trinity - Northeastern - Providence College - Colgate - Ball State - Georgetown - Quinnipiac - Tufts - CT College - UMaine - Yale - Michigan State - Bowdoin - Drexel - American - Hofstra - St Joe's - UNC - Stanford - Old Dominion - Rutgers - William & Mary - Richmond - Liberty - Indiana - Davidson - Bryn Mawr - MIT - Vassar - Rowan - Bucknell - Swarthmore - Wellesley - Vassar - Washington & Lee - Ursinus - Haverford - UVA - Lehigh - VCU - UMass Lowell - Bryant - UNH - Hamilton - UMass

  1. involving mutual assistance in working toward a common goal.
    The LineUp. A college coach cooperative.

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Who We Are
The LineUP is a cooperative of NCAA coaches working in a collaborative effort to efficiently and effectively identify local talent. The cooperative provides athletes the opportunity to determine and select the coaches they want to be with, reducing costs and conflicts while offering small-group clinics at off-campus regional venues.

How It Works
20+ top NCAA programs and coaches commit to a specific LineUP date. You then can select a minimum of 1 (why would you?) or up to 6  clinics to train with these coaches in small groups for 1 hour each clinic.  Efficient and cost effective - but more important - IMPACTFUL!

Why It Works
Up close and personal exposure.

A comprehensive, razor focused approach to the college prep process through its unique design and features. A  one-day "super event" saving you and your family valuable time, effort and resources.

Having multiple college clinics in one place, on one day, obviously provides you with up-close direct access to many coaches, but it also allows you deep insights and comparisons into coaching styles, personalities and on-field expectations.

In addition, you get to meet, train and play with other athletes who are interested in the same school.  Know your competition.

This is all critical information that EMPOWERS YOU to make an informed decision on your future.

A win for both coach and athlete alike.
Coaches are on a search for prospects.
Athletes seek quality time with coaches.
Our delivery approach provides this for both, with results and impact.

The LineUP is a new identification model.
It’s the smart way to see, and be seen.

Some of the questions we hear frequently.... answered:

Why do your events sell out so quickly?
Our goal is to make a real difference for both coach and athlete alike. To accomplish this, we must restrict numbers and keep each clinic semi-private (small) in order to provide effective opportunities for coach and athlete. We seek to deliver quality over quantity. By limiting roster spots, we can assure real impact for everyone within an intimate setting.

Another factor is space. We have 20 to 40 coaches requiring turf time. For indoor events we are extremely limited and for our outdoor programs we have self-imposed space restrictions due to our requirements for DI primary training on AstroTurf. Only a finite number of clinics can take place in one day, plus we cap the number of athletes allowed in each college clinic. Again, this is inline with our mission to provide quality, with impact, over quantity in the number of participants.

Lastly, because it is a college coach co-op, NCAA rules preclude us from offering entry to only a select few. It is open to all with the exception of gender and age criterion.

Do waitlisted athletes get accepted?
Yes, frequently. But not all. We do our best to open more space once we see the configuration of clinics and demand for those clinics. Our goal, at the very least, is to give every participant their top three college choices.

What makes the LineUP special or unique?

    • We've essentially reduced the numbers typically found at showcases and tournaments from the thousands to under 20 athletes in each of the individual coach clinics - small semi-private sessions. Think about what this type of close-up training and "touch point" means for both coach and athlete.
    • The LineUP offers athletes the ability to work with the college program of their choice. Very specific - very targeted.
    • Athletes can pick and choose to work with multiple collegiate programs within one day - which allows them to differentiate and measure coaching styles of their target schools. By the end of the day, athletes have been empowered to make an informed decision about a potential program or coach.
    • This new co-op concept allows athletes an easy opportunity to explore programs they may not have previously considered.
    • By bringing together a number of top collegiate programs to one place, on one day, the LineUP provides athletes with an efficient and cost effective method of training with multiple coaches.
    • The LineUP also provides athletes with more of what coaches call "touch-points" or frequency in how many times a coach actually meets an athlete.
    • And it's a perfect opportunity for athletes to try-out or introduce themselves to a new coach not on their current school list.

BOTTOM LINE, The LineUP provides high-level exposure!

The LineUp is a college coach cooperative. Coaches working together - with you!

involving mutual assistance in working toward a common goal.
The LineUp, a college coach cooperative.

Our Awesome Staff
and Coaches Deliver