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48 College Clinics.
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A New Talent Identification Model

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Choose up to 8 Clinics
Small-Group Training


College Prep Panels with College Coaches

Competitive Games Showcase

3-in-1 Event

Don't Get Lost in a Sea of Athletes

Limited to 20 Athletes per Clinic

The Best Way to See, and Be Seen

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La Salle

UC Davis


More to Come

Very limited spots.
See our "FAQ" and "Coaches & Pricing" pages for more details.

A Better Way

Have you ever wanted front row seats to your favorite show?

The LineUP does this, but for your college search.

It puts athletes first-in-line, front and center, with coaches who are filling roster spots.

The LineUP is a cooperative of NCAA coaches working in a collaborative effort to efficiently and effectively identify local talent. The cooperative provides athletes the opportunity to determine and select the coaches they want to be with, reducing costs and conflicts while offering semi-private coaching at off-campus regional venues.

How It Works
20 to 30 NCAA coaches will be posted. You then select up to 8 coaches to work and train with in small semi-private groups for 1 hour each.

The LineUP has you covered
So nothing is missed, we give all athletes full coverage. Following your small group training sessions there will be tournament rounds coached by these coaches. Both events include all participating athletes along with our LineUp of NCAA coaches.

Why It Works

Up close and personal exposure.

The LineUP provides athletes with a comprehensive, razor focused approach to the college prep process through its unique design features. A  one-day "super event" saving you and your family valuable time, effort and resources.

Having multiple college clinics in one place and on one day obviously provides you with up-close direct access to many coaches, but it also allows you quick insight and comparisons into coaching styles, personalities and expectations.

Another key benefit of the LineUP is you get to meet, train and play with other athletes who are interested in the same school.

This is all critical information that empowers you to make an informed decision on the best fit and choice for your future.

It's a win for both coach and athlete alike. Coaches are on a search for prospects. Athletes seek quality time with coaches. Our mission is to provide this for both, with real results and impact.

The LineUP is a new talent identification model. It’s the smart way to see, and be seen.

Every LineUP includes: Coach Tori’s College Prep Seminars for both Parent and Athlete; Q&A with college coaches; Panel discussions with college co-op coaches on what it's like to be a college athlete and what to expect; Detailed, filterable, NCAA Field Hockey Collegiate program spreadsheet ($49 standalone value).

  1. involving mutual assistance in working toward a common goal.
    The LineUp. A college coach cooperative.

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