It's a heartwarming family journey that began back in 1989, when Tori Whitcher was just a toddler. Little did anyone know that this chance encounter between her father, Bob Whitcher, and a talented young hockey coach in Holland named Thomas Tichelman would set the stage for an incredible transformation (Thomas is now one of the leading FIH coaches in the world).

Over the years, Bob's passion for field hockey and his desire to enrich his family's life experiences led him to start taking USA field hockey athletes on training tours in Europe. What started as an avocation soon evolved into a full-fledged vocation, fueled by a shared vision with Tichelman along with the collaboration of Harvard head coach, Tjerk van Herwaarden, culminating in the establishment of the prestigious international camp on American soil - "World Camp USA".

In 2015, Tori Whitcher embraced her father's cause wholeheartedly, becoming an integral part of the organization. However, soon after joining, the unforeseen challenges brought by the Covid pandemic left her without a job. Nevertheless, amidst the heartache, Tori, a confident optimist, came to realize and see a clear opportunity during a daily meditation.

Inspired by her relentless passion for the sport and driven by her innovative spirit, Tori conceived a brilliant new idea that would change the landscape of high school talent ID forever. The spark of genius ignited during her meditation blossomed into "The LineUP," a groundbreaking concept that promised to unite coaches and athletes like never before.

With a successful test event in 2021, it became evident that "The LineUP" was more than just a creation; it was a triumph for both coaches and athletes alike. Today, it stands as a remarkable showcase of the power of family, dedication, and seizing opportunities in the face of adversity.

"The LineUP" is not merely an event; it's a living testimony to the Whitcher family's unwavering commitment to the sport they love and their enduring legacy in the world of field hockey.



Tori Whitcher
Owner & Operator

Tori came up with the unique concept of The LineUP after years of thinking "there HAS to be a better way!!" In 2020 USA Field Hockey awarded Tori with the Humanitarian of The Year award. Tori has taken the lead in the family business Expanding Horizons, Inc. which operates Sport EuroTour, taking athletes abroad to train with the best coaches in Europe. Tori played DI in college, is a former high school coach and a graduate of the Robins School of Business at the University of Richmond.


Lauren Moyer
Manager of Operations

Lauren comes to the LineUP after an impressive stint as a member of the US Women's National Field Hockey Team with more than 100 Caps under her belt, Lauren brings a level of experience and expertise that is second to none. A graduate of the UNC Leadership Academy and with previous experience at Bank of America in Human Resources Talent Acquisitions, Lauren is well-equipped to take on the challenges of her new role.


Tanya Nongera-Nickerson 
Event Manager

Tanya is the big boss in charge during execution of your LineUP event day, ensuring all runs smooth as butter. Tanya is the president of Western NEPSAC and currently works at the Pomfret School. She is a Zimbabwe native who played hockey and graduated from Trinity.  Fun fact: She speaks and teaches Mandarin (Chinese).


Emily Snowden
Director of Goalies

We love our goalies! Emily will ensure all goalkeepers at The LineUP have a support system and that they showcase themselves the best way possible. Emily, AKA The Goalie Trainer, is a full-time goalie coach and runs her goalies-only facility in Malvern, PA. 


Carly Sweeney
Field Manager

Carly, aka the General, because she gets the job done quickly no matter what is needed at our Events. Carly is the head coach at New England College. Carly played college field hockey at Keene State College and was the former head coach at Frostburg State University.


Rony Jacober
Field Manager

Rony has been with our parent company for over 12 years and is critical to the LineUP's successful event day execution. She is the Director/Owner of Summit Field Hockey Club and an assistant coach at New England College. Rony played college field hockey at Delaware Valley College.


Emma Leppert
Field Coordinator

Emma has been with the LineUP since Day-one and is our go-to gal when a job is needed to get done, and done right. She is a goalkeeper at Villanova University. She loves the LineUP because it epitomizes that the field hockey community is close knit and has many connections.


Paige Kieft
MC / DJ Plus+

Paige is a core LineUP staff member. You'll typically find Paige behind the mic and around the pitch. Paige is a goalkeeper on the University of Maryland field hockey team. She has been playing field hockey since she was 11 and loves the sense of community that the LineUP has.


Giuliana Kevlin
Event Support 

Giules does just about everything on our LineUP event day to-do list, and there's a lot to do. She recently completed her playing career at New England College. Giules was a dual sport athlete for 4 years and continued to play field hockey for 2 more. Giules also coaches for Summit Field Hockey Club in her free time.


Abby Brenc
Event Hospitality

Abby is here to help answer your questions. She is one of the few people at the LineUP who has never played field hockey. As a cousin to Tori Whitcher, Abby is excited to work the LineUP and be involved in the family business. She is a fashion stylist in her day job. 


Liz Whitcher
Coach Hospitality

You might not recognize Liz, and that's because she is in the back room catering for our college coaches & staff at every LineUP. Liz ensures the coffee is flowing, lunch is served and the snacks are tasty, all so that our college coaches can focus on just two things during the day - HOCKEY & YOU! She's no newbie to field hockey, having watched hundreds of college games supporting her two daughters at Yale & Richmond. Fun Fact: Liz has over 50K followers on Instagram @gardenonthecape!!!


Bob Whitcher

We call Bob Oz because he is the man behind the curtain who makes the magic happen. Bob founded Sport EuroTour in 1989, and co-founded World Camp USA in 2001. His 30+ years of experience in the field hockey biz is one of LineUP's best kept secrets. Oh, and did we mention he's Tori's dad?! Give it up for family businesses!