5 HACKS to Register for LineUP:

Take the advantage with these insider tips to help gain your spot at a LineUP event. We’re here to tell you about a few tried-and-true tricks that will make registration a breeze.

Don’t miss using these tips to help secure your spot!

If it’s your first time joining the LineUP, the single most helpful action you can take is to register with our Registration software provider, Leagueapps. Simply create your login and password before our event launch time by following our “Pre-Register” link here: NEW TO THE LINEUP.

When you fill out the name & email – use the primary parent email and name (not athlete).

Are you already a LineUP alum or LeagueApps user? Great! Don’t let a forgotten login or password hold you back from registering on time. If you’re already registered with LeagueApps, make sure your credentials (Login & Password) are known and up-to-date for a smooth registration process.

IMPORTANT: At the log-in page, scroll down and click on ‘Sign in with LeaugeApps’.

For our popular events that sell out instantly, we suggest you test this out prior to the time registration opens.

Why would you have an account with LeagueApps? If you are a LineUP alum or if you have previously registered for another sports event or organization that utilizes Leagueapps, you may already have an account in their system.

GOALIES: Know your top 3 clinics going into registration. We will assign your top 3 the following week.
Field Players: You will not register for your top 3 clinics with LineUP registration. Your clinics registration are separate.

Field players & goalies – Have your answers available for these registration questions. Be prepared and it will be a much faster process:

– Your nickname – or name you use?
– Your primary field position?
– Your high school graduation year?
– Your hockey level (select one of these 3: Varsity, JV or Made a select USAFH team i.e. U16 team)?
– List up to 3 hockey achievements (be brief)?
– Did you participate in Nexus in 2022?
– Have you participated in a LineUP?
– Club Name (if you have one)? (drop down menu)
– Club Coach email (if you belong to a club)?
– High School Name?
– High School Coach Name?
– High School Coach email?
– Select your top THREE clinic choices (from a drop-down list) you most want to register for?
For field players this is NOT your college clinic registration, this answer helps our staff plan for clinic demand to help create our schedule. You will register & pay for your clinics at a later date in Phase 2 & 3 of our registration process. Goalies – this is your official top 3 registration.
– Email you use for recruiting purposes?
– Optional: Academics… i.e., Test Scores – GPA – AP Classes – Awards, etc.?
The answers to these questions are provided to the coaches you select for your clinics and Rivalry Games.

Just prior to Registration opening, login to our registration software with your LeagueApps Login and Password. Be ready to click on the event registration link.

Just prior to Launch time, open our registration page here: REGISTRATION PAGE
MAKE SURE YOU HIT THE BACK BUTTON AND RE-CLICK REGISTRATION LINK if your event registration link is not live at registration launch time.

As a result of limited field space for our winter and spring programs, our events do sell out quickly. Summer will be a different story. We have expanded the number of fields, enabling us to accommodate many more athletes than ever before.

Our goal is to cater to all athletes who wish to participate while ensuring they can book a clinic, at a minimum, with their top three target coaches and collegiate programs.

Follow these HACKS for best results – and we’ll see you on the pitch!