Dec 3 – Clinic Registration Tips:

On December 3, we will have 40 college programs, 11 hours of back to back clinic (first clinic starts at 8am, last clinic ends at 7pm), and over 138 clinics. We have quite a large indoor space, so there will be 12 college clinics running at a time. There will be no afternoon/evening tourney, so that athletes can work with … Read More

How to create your college list.

The first step to recruiting is creating your college list. This list should include colleges that fit you and your dreams. Find answers to the following questions then start googling to see where you could end up. Do you want a big school or a small school? The size of the student population, campus size (walkable vs not), student to … Read More

Tips to research schools & programs before registering for clinics

In the weeks leading up to registering for your college clinics, we strongly encourage you to do research and decide which clinics you want to participate in.┬áMake sure you get the most out of your LineUP by selecting programs that are a good fit for you. If you select clinics that are all “reach” schools for you (hockey and/or academically), … Read More

List of the Best Questions to Ask a College Coach (freebie download!)

Download and print this freebie! Here is our compilation of some of our favorite questions to ask coaches. Just remember – don’t ask these to a DI coach until after June 15th of your sophomore year per NCAA compliance. Click download above to download this PDF! Check out our website to learn about our upcoming LineUPs! And if you’ve never … Read More