December 2, 2023

RegistrationLaunches September 17



With Coaches


Coaches Posted Throughout the Summer

Only 16 field players in each clinic for 1 full hour! 
You Choose Which Coach

We only list coaches who have committed

All coaches listed have committed to joining The LineUP. Because the life of a coach can be very fluid, they cannot always guarantee they will be on site for a portion or all of the program. However, at this time, we fully expect them to be with us the entire time.

LineUP's Transfer Program
Have a conflict with this event date?
You can insure your investment with our "Transfer to Another LineUP " protection program.
Learn more about our Transfer Program at our FAQs HERE

"My daughter LOVED the event. It was like she was floating after 12+ hours of field hockey in the heat—she couldn’t have been happier.  Congrats!!"

-Mom, July 9&16

"My daughter had an amazing experience yesterday at the LineUP. Thank you for a creative and well-planned event!!"

-dad, July 9 & 16

"Today was awesome, she loved your Event. What a great format for these players, thank you!! Look forward to doing more in the future."

-Mom, July 16

"It’s really cool to see someone creatively disrupting a saturated recruiting/showcase industry where so many events just do the same thing, in a way that  works better for both recruits and coaches."

-Mom, July 16

"I really enjoyed the LineUP structure. What I liked most about LineUP, was the ability to select coaches. Awesome program! Thank you."

-Athlete, July 31


Here's How to Join... Follow these steps:

STEP 1: Register for the Event. 
Registration begins September 18th at 6pm est for field players and September 25th at 6pm for goalkeepers. This is a first to sign up, space available basis. Last year this event sold-out immediately, we suggest registering right at 6pm. Entry is $389. There is a complintary payment plan you can choose to opt into. 

STEP 2: Register for your top 3 college clinics.
Field players only (goalies have a different registration process - will be emailed to you). Registation for college clinics will open October 9th at 6pm est. All athletes are guaranteed their top 3 programs between October 9-15. Links will be provided to you via email prior to October 9th. Each college clinic is $60. You create your own schedule.  

STEP 3: Register for additional college clinics.
 October 16th at 6pm est registration open to register for optional 4th, 5th, 6th clinics. For field players & Goalies. You create your own schedule and can register for however many clinics you choose. We reccomend not doing more than 2 clinics in a row; there are 11 hour of back-to-back clinics to choose from. This is a first to sign-up basis; clinic slots do get sold-out. 


132, 1-hour college clinics, in 1 day.
Each clinic is limited to just 16 field players & 2 GKs.
Over 30 top programs represented on December 3rd.

Clinic Schedule

Used as a Example Only from 2022

  • Sunday September 17, 6pm est: Entry Registration Launches for field players (Step 1)
  • Sunday September 24, 6pm est: Entry Registration launches for goalkeepers (Step 1)
  • Sunday October 8 at 6pm est: Field players can register for top 3 college clinics (Step 2) (GKs - details will be emailed to you)
  • Sunday October 15 at 6pm est: Field players & goalies register for optional additional clinics (step 3)
  • Nov 19th: Last day to register for college clinics. All participants will be "Locked" into their clinic choices after this deadline.
  • December 2 Event Date: Check-in the day of the event 45 minutes prior to your first clinic.


Field Layout


Pricing, Registration & Details - December 2, 2023

We're determined to provide impact to your future and value for your investment. Not just by offering an attractive price, but by providing access to a level of college coaches rarely represented together - coaching - at one time.  


  1. The "Entry Fee" is $389. We have a convenient and free payment plan. Deposit is only $89.  This guarantees you a roster spot into this program. PLUS:
    1. Gives you access to register for the college clinics.
    2. Allows you entry and free access to all the panels with college coaches
    3. Receive & keep our very cool Jersey:) All coaches will be given your pinnie number, schedule & details.
  2. Additional individual clinic pricing is $60. per clinic. You will register for these April 24th.
    1. By registering, you agree to sign-up to a minimum of 1 clinics at $60. each (you choose the clinic).
    2. You have the option to register for as many clinics as you like. Each clinic will cost $60. 

We recommend athletes purchase insurance in case of injury or illness, more info HERE.
LineUP has a 3.99% registration/credit card fee. No other hidden fees or extra dues.

It's a 3-step process.

GKs - you will have a different registration process to register for your clinic to ensure GKs get their top clinics. This will be emailed to you and is also in the details section of the lineup you are interested in.

Phase I: Register for the Entry Fee

  1. We have specific launch dates, check the details page of the specific lineup you are interested in for that date. Every lineup so far has sold out in 12-24 hours of launch, so we strongly suggest registering on launch date!
  2. We have a free waitlist that does not require credit card info. We always let a group athletes off the waitlist at the beginning of phase 3. Make sure to check your email, as we will email you if you get off the waitlist.

Phase 2: College Clinic Sign-up  - for your top 3 clinics 

  1. Approximately 3 weeks after "Entry Registration" , athletes can can register for their top 3 college clinic registrations.
  2. At that time, you will be provided via email with the registration link & password for the college clinics. You will then go in and select your top 3 clinics for $60/clinic.
    1. If you register for more than 3 clinics in this phase, our staff will randomly delete one of your clinics.
      1. This is to ensure all athletes get their top 3 clinics (we wouldn't want one athlete's 5th choice booking up another athlete's 1st choice, ya know?!)
    2. If you forget to register during this phase, you can register later - but most likely a handful of clinics could be sold-out by then.

It is our goal that every athlete gets to work with their top 3 coaches. During phase 2, if you do not get your top 3 clinics, please email so we can help. We cannot guarantee your top choices, but we will do everything in our power. If you are dissatisfied, we will offer you a full refund during this phase. 

Phase 3: Additional Clinic Sign-ups 

  1. This will take place approximately 2 weeks after Phase 2 . We will email you this exact date closer. We will email you this date and link and post it to the event page. Don't worry, we will be in communication!
  2. At this time, we will also let a group of athletes off the waitlist.
    1. During phase I, we don't fully book-up the event, to help ensure all the athletes registered in phase I get their top 3 choices.
  3. All athletes have the option to register for additional clinics.
    1. We encourage registering for 4 or 5 clinics, but strongly discourage from 7+ (you need breaks!)

We promise it's easier than it sounds! We will send emails communicating with you, and post updates on this page. Click on FAQ to learn more.

Cancellation Policy:
We offer full refunds less $89 prior to 22 days before the event. However, free transfer options are available. Please read our FAQs for specific cancellation details.

  • Note: If you commit to a college program and would like to cancel, you will receive a full refund less a $45 processing fee if we receive an email with this request prior to 14 days before the event.
  • We strongly suggest all participants get Insurance.
  • Read our FAQs for specific details and your options regarding cancellation refunds and transfers.
  •  COVID: in the case the event is cancelled due to COVID-19 government mandates - see our COVID cancellation policy
  • Details listed as the first question under FAQs

December 2, 2023 will be held at the
Fore Kicks III
223 Fremont St, Taunton, MA 02780


  1. T. F. Green Airport, RI-30 miles
  2. Boston Logan International Airport-40 miles
  3. Bradley International Airport, CT - 120 miles


  1. Providence, RI: 30 miles
  2. Boston, MA: 40 miles
  3. New Haven, CT: 120 miles
  4. NYC: 200 miles
  5. Philadelphia, PA: 290 miles

Space is limited and viewing the indoor turf and hockey action here is virtually non-existent. For this reason, we encourage family and fans to take time away from the venue and have lunch or explore the area.  We've provided some links to do that below.   Home -Plate Bay Street Grill,   in center of town is the Liberty and Union Alehouse,  Panera Bread, Bracks, Los Jefes, Riverhouse, Barrels & Boards, Coletti's Market, Mac & Walts. We also suggest checking out Yelp. TRIP ADVISOR: RESTAURANTS  

FOOD DELIVERY:  SportsGrub, Nice sandwiches, at a good price - a food delivery service offered for the LineUP at Fore Kicks. NOTE, this service must be pre-ordered, online, only through their app - by November 28th!!!.

To pre-order, download their free app "SportsGrub". Instructions and App download HERE
Make sure to order with them by Nov. 27th if you choose this delivery option. 

ATMS: There are multiple ATMs surrounding ForeKicks. 
1094 Bay St, Taunton, MA 02780 - Inside of Home Plate Bay Street Grill
226 Broadway, Taunton, MA 02780 - Inside of Walgreens
119 High St, Taunton, MA 02780 - Inside of Walgreens

CASINOS Plainridge Park and a little further Tiverton Casino  both will have meal options, shopping and activities. |