Policies,  Protocols & Requirements

Our goal is to continue offering amazing experiences to our athletes during this pandemic. With the rise of the different Covid variants, we may have to take additional precautions at any or all events - as the health and safety of our athletes, families, coaches and staff is our number one priority. 

Please thoroughly read our COVID safety protocols below and cancellation policy. By registering, you agree to the terms below:

COVID LineUP Safety Protocols:

The LineUP will follow the latest CDC guidelines, as well as state and local mandates. LineUP will also require the three policies below in order to participate in The LineUP. By registering for The LineUP, you agree to the following: 

  • LineUP will require proof of vaccination for any family, fan or athlete inside the facility.
    • We do not require a booster shot but strongly encourage everyone gets their booster at least 2 weeks prior to the event.
    • NOT VACCINATED? We require a negative COVID test within 48 hours of LineUP for all athletes AND parents/fans in attendance. 
  • LineUP will require all parents/fans to wear a mask while inside the facility.
  • LineUP will require all athletes not training or playing in a game to wear a mask while inside the facility. 
  • Each college coach will determine if a mask is required for training for their own clinic. 

Additionally, LineUP holds the right to the below protocols if our staff and coaches see fit for the safety of our athletes & staff. This could go into effect regardless of whether the state or local governments require it. By registering for The LineUP, you agree to the following: 

  • It may be possible that we require a recent negative COVID test even for athletes and families who are vaccinated (we will let you know by at least March 10th so you can plan/book the test if so). 
  • It may be possible that a mask requirement could be implemented for all LineUP attendees and staff while playing/training. 
  • It may be possible that we must restrict the number of parents/fans per athlete in the facility.
  • It may be possible that we must not allow parents/fans in the facility. 

If you choose to participate in the indoor LineUP, you are aware of the risks of contracting COVID-19 and the potential protocols that may be implemented. 

We suggest all athletes purchase Insurance, learn more hereWe do not issue refunds or credits if an athlete contracts COVID within the week leading up to The LineUP. Insurance does cover this, so we strongly encourage insurance. 

COVID Cancellation Policy:

If the CDC, State or local government restrict indoor gatherings, or there are any mandates that restrict The LineUP from happening on March 26th that are out of the LineUP’s control, such as (but not limited to) an NCAA dead period, a league or conference dead period, and/or individual college/university dead period or rule that prevents a college coach from participating due to COVID - 

The LineUP will issue all registrants a full credit, less a $35. COVID service charge. No refunds will be issued. 

The $35 COVID service charge  will go towards the non-refundable facility fee, paying our staff, and other non-refundable costs associated with coordinating the event, regardless if it happens or not.

The transfer program will not be available in the circumstance if one of the COVID incidents above take place. 

Notes about credit:

  • The credit will not include the 3.99% registration fee or $35. COVID fee. 
  • Credits will expire the last day of December and must remain within the immediate family.
  • Credits can't be used towards individual college clinics (the software doesn't allow this).  

If the event is forced to be canceled, LineUP is not responsible for any incidental travel or hotel costs that may be associated with this event. If you are traveling, we suggest you become familiar with your hotel/flights cancellation policies before booking.  

The LineUP will not offer any monetary refunds if the CDC, State or local government restrict indoor gatherings, or if there is an NCAA dead period, or if there are any mandates that restrict The LineUP from executing the program as outlined on March 26 that are out of the LineUP’s control.  Credit only will be offered as described above.

If you are not able to attend LineUP because you are not feeling well, contract COVID-19 or are unable to attend due to government-mandated shut down of air or train travel - this is covered by insurance which we highly suggest purchasing. Details here. 

By registering for The LineUP, you agree to these terms.