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Goalie Registration Process: 

The registration process is different for GKs than field players. Because there are only two goalie spots per clinic, our staff will pre-assign you into your top 3 clinic choices. This is to ensure each goalie gets into their top 3 clinics; quite a puzzle! Later this fall you will fill out a form with your top clinics and we will then create a GK schedule pre-assigning each goalie. You will then register and pay.  Note that for very popular clinics, there could be 3 GKs, to ensure each goalie gets their top choices. 

LineUP’s 4-step Goalie registration process: 

  • Sept 21st: Registration Opens for Goalie Entry fee.
      • You must pay entry free before any of the next steps.
      • Limited GK entry fee spots available.
      • Prices for LineUP are same for GKs & field players ($319 for entry fee). Finally, GK's don't pay more - woo hoo!!! 
  • October: Fill out the college clinic request form (date to be announced soon).
      • This form can be found below (it will be added to the page in October). You will let us know your top 3 clinics. 
      • This is not your registration; we will use this form to create the GK schedule and then will pre-assign your clinics and times based on your answers.
  • Then, register and pay for your pre-assigned top 3 clinics (date to be announced soon).
      • We will add this schedule below which will include each goalie’s pre-assigned clinics. This will be added to the page later in the fall.
      • You will find the registration link and PW on this page then.
      • You will register and pay for your assigned clinics, which are $60 each.
  • November: Register for any additional clinics (date to be announced soon).
    • Based on availability
    • Optional if you want to register for a 4th or 5th clinic

If you miss these deadlines, we cannot guarantee your top clinic choices.

Read the Dec 4th page for more details:

For goalies who did one of our July LineUPs - on December 4th there will not be a Goalies-only mini clinic like there was in July. We will have this as a separate goalies-only LineUP event. Date & location are to-be-announced. 

Goalie FAQ
  • Am I guaranteed my top 3 clinics? 
    • In July 2021 we hosted 3 LineUPs and every goalie received their top 3 clinics. However, if, for example, we have 40 goalies and half want Villanova, that will pose a problem, because there will not be 20 GK spots in the Villanova clinics. Either we will call those goalies to see how flexible they are, or get creative with setting time for the coach to work with all those goalies. It is our goal that all goalies receive their top clinics but cannot guarantee it. 
  • How many goalies per clinic?
    • There are 2 goalies per clinic. If there is a program with very high demand, there might be max 3 goalies in a clinic so that all goalies can work with their top 3 programs.
    • There are max 18 field players per clinic.
  • Will there be a mini goalies-only college clinic, like there was in July?
    • No. We will have this be a separate goalies-only LineUP event (date the location are TBD).
  • How do I know if a coach is recruiting a GK my year?
    • We suggest you communicate with that coach beforehand to ensure their program is recruiting a goalie your year. (note that freshman and sophomores looking at DI cannot yet ask these questions directly to the coach, per NCAA rules).
  • Will there be goalie-specific coaching in the clinic? 
    • LineUP is a college coach co-op, which means each college clinic will be unique to that college coach’s style. This is a great opportunity for you to learn what a typical practice could be like.