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March 25 :: DI & DII
March 26 :: DIII

Summer 2023 Dates:
  • June 17 (DI only) Class of 2025, Proving Grounds PA
  • July 22, Taunton MA (field turf)
  • July 29, Proving Grounds PA

We will email you to confirm by March 1st. Email us with any questions at

We do our best to accommodate your top choice, however there is limited turf space/time available therefore we have to cap the number of programs at each LineUP. Our team selects the programs based on three factors: 1) Demand from our athletes/parents. 2) Coach first to request; we encourage you to fill out this form before February 10th. 3) Head coach vs assistant - athletes/parents prefer to do a clinic with the head coach.

New Coach Compensation Package:

  • $35 per clinic, per athlete (Increased from $30.)
  • Hotel (no change - max 2 nights)
  • Travel stipend (no change for long haulers -see details below)
  • Food/coffee throughout the event day (no change)

For 2023 we've increased the per-athlete pay-out for coaches, however, LineUP will no longer offer the additional $300. "work" stipend. We believe this benefits all coaches by:

  1. Offering an equitable financial reimbursement to the programs attracting athletes to their clinics. 
  2. Provides an incentive for coaches to promote their clinics - and the event.
  3. Allows more programs to participate throughout the year. Compensating by each clinic player allows us to accept programs and schools that don't have the athlete demand to sell-out a clinic at LineUP. Providing stipends to any or all programs that want to participate is not something that is financially sustainable. Removing the stipends and solely paying coaches on their clinic signups allows LineUP to invite more programs.

The $300 stipend was originally paid for coaches participation in the evening tournament, without the tournament there is now no need for coaches to be obligated to "work" for the LineUP. In lieu of the stipend, we have increased the per player clinic payout, so that at a minimum, remuneration parity will be achieved when measured against prior LineUP events.

Bottom line: Many of our current alum programs and/or coaches will make more money at a  LineUP event with these changes, while also allowing smaller collegiate programs to join.  We believe this creates more opportunities for athlete and coach alike. 

At our December 3 event, our coaches on average took home  $1700. for the day. In that figure, 14 coaches made over $2000 and a couple made $3000.

Coach Travel Stipend:
Travel stipends are only offered to programs who have participated in LineUP and had an average 25+ athletes register in their clinics at at least one event.  (for shared clinics, divide this in half)

  • In addition to your compensation and hotel, any coach traveling 200+ miles distance will receive a travel stipend. Distance is measured from your institution to the LineUP venue on Google maps.
  • .40¢ per mile, paid up to a maximum total of $400. This is round trip. (ie, if your institution is 300 miles away, we will comp 600 miles X ¢.40).
  • Coaches secure/purchase their own transport. We do not need to see any receipts, so if it costs you less, you get to pocket the difference. 🙂
  • Ubers & Lyfts: LineUP will not compensate/venmo for ubers/lyfts to airport. This is what the travel expense payment and clinic compensation is for.  We suggest your coordinate rides at least a week in advance with other coaches, not day-of.
  • Any coach who does not have a car, LineUP can coordinate a ride to/from the hotel and facility and back to the hotel.
  • The travel stipend will be added to your check, which you will receive at the event after your last clinic. Nothing for you to do or fill out, we will automatically do this for you if you're 200+ miles away from the event venue.
  • IE, if your institution is 700 miles away from facility, LineUP will comp you a $400 travel stipend. IE, if your institution is 319 miles away, LineUP will comp you a $255 travel stipend. IE, if you are coming from 180 miles away, you will not get a travel stipend.
  • Just like Coach Compensation, travel stipend is paid per institution (not per coach).

NEW All-Day Clinics:

Our 2023 events will have 11 hours of back to back clinics. We removed the afternoon/evening tournament so that LineUP can offer almost DOUBLE the amount of clinics at the event. Here is why:

  • Coaches can work with more athletes and have the potential to receive more clinics - not only will coaches work with more PSAs, they will also have the potential to earn more money. Each sold-out clinic the coach gets paid $630. 
  • Same for athletes - they have more flexibility over 11 hours to create their own customized schedule, work with more college programs or their choice and do more clinics if they choose.
  • Adding more clinics allows us to lower field player numbers from 18 to 16 per clinic, which is a much better coach & athlete experience.
  • A lot of coaches and athletes had to leave (and also wanted to leave) prior to the tournament end-time, which was 7pm. Now coaches and athletes can leave after their last clinic, creating much more flexibility & convenience for both athlete & coach. It also created a really long 11 hour day for coaches and athletes which we had some complaints about.  Now athletes can make their own schedule.
  • Many of our facilities have limited turf space. We need to prioritize clinics over tournaments, as athletes and coaches have dozens (even hundreds) of tournament opportunities to see and be seen throughout the year. 
  • We can offer more coaches the opportunity to participate in LineUP, including more combined clinics. This way  programs/schools that get less clinics sign-ups can also have the opportunity to participate in LineUP.  LineUP has had a high demand from college coaches to participate therefore offering more clinics allows us to help meet demand and create more opportunities for more hockey programs - and more choice for our athletes.
  • We added the tourney to our first ever LineUP July 2021 because we weren't 100% sure if the LineUP clinic model could stand on its own, since it had never been done before. We now know the answer.

If there is demand, LineUP may look at hosting a tournament portion in one or both July events. 

Other Notes:

  • All clinics will be max'd at 16 field players and 2 goalies. Adjusted down from 18 to 16. Now a  better experience for both athletes and coaches.
  • Any athlete who cancels week-of event, coaches will get paid on. Any athlete who swaps or cancels outside of a week coaches will not get paid for.
  • We suggest coaches promote their attendance at LineUP through social media, email & word of mouth to their athletes. We find that the more coaches do this before we launch entry fee for the event, the more of their athletes will attend and sign up for their clinic.
    Athletes can register for clinics the day of. You will get paid cash, in addition to your check if any athletes add to your clinics.
  • How clinic schedule is made: The schedule will be based off two factors: 1) How many athletes listed the college clinic in their top 3 when they registered for their Entry Fee  &...  2) Number of registrants for your past LineUPs. Some programs may just do a combined clinic or split a 60 min slot - or some programs with higher demand may do up to 4 clinics.
  • We understand emergencies, illness & job changes happen, but please make sure another coach from your program can rep your program if you cannot make Dec 3rd. Unlike any other camp or clinic, with LineUP, athletes who select your clinic have planned their schedule around it, and it would be incredibly difficult to change, and would reflect poorly on your program.  Thank you in advance for considering this! 
  • We ideally would like the head or associated head coach to participate in LineUP. If that is not possible, the assistant coach can rep the program. 
2023 LineUP Venue & Dates
  1. March 25 Florham Park NJ :: DI only
  2. March 26 Florham Park NJ :: DII DIIII only
  3. June 17 Proving Grounds, PA :: DI only
  4. July 22 Mid-Atlantic TBD
  5. July 30 New England TBD
  6. December 2 Massachusetts

Commitments accepted


  • Day-of clinic registration: Athletes can register for clinics day-of for any clinic that has open space.  If any athlete is already registered for the event and wants to register for your clinic, they can do so with cash at the event at our LineUP booth. This will be communicated with all athletes. 
    • Athletes who register day-of will hand you a paper slip at the beginning of your clinic with their info on it, including their name, grad year, jersey number. 
    • You will get paid $35 cash on each of these athletes ($17.50 for combined clinics). You will receive this with your check at the end of the day.
  •  Arrival:
    • Check-in with Tori for your folder.
    • Please arrive at least 25 minutes prior to your first clinic.
    • There will be coffee, light breakfast & snacks.  
  • If you don't have a car and need a ride from the hotel to the facility and back, make sure to communicate to Tori about that. 
  • Departure: You can leave after your last clinic. Find Tori for your check. 
    • If you have not filled out a W9 this year, make sure to do so before you leave.
  • We will email your list of athletes the 6 weeks leading up to the event. We will send you your final list around 5-7 days before the event. 
  • We strongly encourage you to email your list of athletes before & after LineUP.  
  • Your clinic - clinics are 55 minutes long:
    • Each clinic is max'd at 16 field players and 2 GKs.
      • Our other LineUPs were max'd at 18 field players - let us know if you prefer the 16. 
    • In your packet, we have printed out the list of athletes for your for each of your clinics. This will include jersey numbers. 
    • LineUP does not do a warmup. Since athletes are starting the day at all different times, we encourage a drill to warm up, especially if you are running an 8am or 9am clinic. 
    • There are usually a handful of last minute cancels and no-shows. We do our best to provide this updated list Saturday morning to you as we get this info.  Especially with goalies, don't base your entire clinic around the exact number you have, knowing that there might be some last minute no-shows - and also last minute add-ons if your clinics wasn't sold out.
    • We suggest designing your clinic around 45 minutes so that you have time for field clean-up. Athletes LOVE it when you have time to introduce yourself, the program, and talk about the program and answer questions. We encourage you to invite them on campus or to your on-campus camp/clinic.
    • 00: Clinic start on the hour.
    • 50: We suggest around the 50 of the hour you start field cleanup and goodbyes.
    • 55: All athletes have to be OFF on the 55 of the hour so that the next coach can set up their field.
    • LineUP staff does not do attendance for the individual clinics, therefore, at the beginning of the clinics you can choose to do attendance if you like so you know who didn't make it (and maybe an athlete is there by accident or sneaking in).
    • We encourage you to take a pic with your groups and post on your program's instagram!
    • Make sure to plan an intro so that you are not "winging it".
    • Remember this clinic and you are representing your program.  Athletes make decisions (and talk to their friends) about their experience at the clinic. Make sure to plan everything involving your 55 minute clinic thoroughly in advance.  We encourage you to think outside the box to make this a special experience for all your athletes. 
  • Please post to insta and tag lineup! @thelineupfh
  • If you have multiple sold-out clinics we STRONGLY suggest you bring a helper.
    • This does not have to be one of your staff, it could be a local athlete or coach you know. 
    • If you want to pay them out of your lineup pay, please tell Tori at least a week before the LineUP so we can edit your check and write up a check for them. They are welcome to eat the staff/coach food and hang in the staff/coach room.
  • Every mini field is 1/6 of a full-size hockey pitch (90 feet x 90 feet)
    • Every mini field has 1 cage and dozens of balls, cones and flat cones.
  • BRING:
    • Whistle, stick, white board, white board pen, watch, or anything else you might need to run your clinics.
    • Please pack a water bottle. We will provide still filtered water for you to fill up your water bottle.  
    • We will have a couple extra sticks for coaches flying in.
    • If you have any specialized gear you need to run your clinic, please bring that.

College Coach Point of Contact:
Tori Whitcher
508.566.9029 (texting works too)

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