Cancellation Requests:

Please complete and submit your cancellation request using the form below.

Sorry you have to cancel.  With any questions don't hesitate to email - we are here to help! 


We have a new and flexible cancellation policy for 2022!  We now offer an awesome transfer program, where up to 22 days before your LineUP, you can transfer into a different LineUP (free of cost!)! Learn more by scrolling below.  AND,  we now offer you superior cancellation insurance through Next Wave's RegSaver!
  • If you cancel up to 22 days prior or more to your LineUP event:
    • *Transfer your registration to another date - FREE of cost! See below for details
      • we cannot transfer your registration into a date your are already registered for however
    • OR Choose...
    • Receive a full refund less $89. 
  • If you cancel 21 days to 11 days prior to your LineUP event:
    • Receive a 50% refund on entry fee.
    • Any college clinics you registered for are non-refundable during this time
    • Transferring to a different LineUP is not an option within 21 days of your LineUP date. 
  • Cancel within 10 days to your LineUP event:
    • No refund nor credit can be offered.
    • Regardless of cancellation reason, including but not limited to injury, sickness, COVID, travel issues, making a select team, club, Nexus, boarding school restrictions etc.
    • Please note, we cannot replace you with someone on the waitlist within 10 days, as your jersey is assigned and and all materials have been printed with your name and details - in addition coaches have been locked-in and paid for your clinic participation.  For this reason we cannot, and do not, accept anyone off the waitlist within 1 week of the event. Each athlete has been coded and assigned and cannot be replaced within 10 days.

To cancel, fill out cancellation form. We will use the date you filled out the form as your official cancellation request. With any questions email

COVID, injury, sickness, travel issues, boarding school restrictions, making a select team & Nexus are all classified under the standard cancellation policy listed above.

*TRANSFER TO A DIFFERENT LINEUP, with our new Transfer Program!:

  • LineUPs sell out quick, good chance the LineUP you want to transfer into is already sold out - therefore, we will hold fifteen transfer spots in each sold-out LineUP for transfers. 
    • SO - even if the website says sold out, there is a good chance that there is still a spot you can transfer into! 
    • However if all 15 transfer spots are already taken, we cannot transfer you into that date (sorry, we can't overbook!)
    • Email us and we can let you know how many transfer spots are available. We will then send you a transfer form. We will also try to keep this available on the website. 
  • Our staff will transfer your entry fee/date in the backend.
    • We will cancel and refund the college clinics you registered for (if you registered for any) from your original LineUP. 
    • Then, we will email you the new link to register for your college clinics for your new LineUP, which you will register for on your own (just like normal).
      • Note - your college clinics do NOT get transferred! They get refunded and then you re-register for college clinics.
      • Do NOT register for the LineUP you want to be transferred into after you filled out the transfer form. We CANNOT transfer balances or monies. Our staff will transfer your registration on the backend.
      • You will most likely be locked into the original payment plan.
  • If the LineUP date you want to transfer into is already in Phase III of college clinic registrations - most likely a handful of those college clinics are already sold out. 
    • In this case, we can send you the college clinic availability before you make the decision to transfer into this LineUP date, to ensure the clinics you want are currently available. This way, you can make an informed decision. 
  • You can transfer into any LineUP that is listed on our event page (assuming the 15 transfer spots aren't already taken)
  • You can only transfer once (so be 100% confident because we can't transfer you again off of that transfer).
  • The Transfer program is not offered if there is a COVID event (such as a dead period or local/state indoor restriction) that prevents the LineUP from happening, or changes the LineUP event. Please read our COVID cancellation policy to learn more in the circumstance that COVID changes or cancels this event. 
INSURANCE: We STRONGLY encourage the insurance HERE. This is a 3rd party insurance that we recommend you purchase. Please be aware, within 7 days of your LineUP, we cannot offer any refund nor credit for ANY reason. This is why we offer insurance.
COLLEGE COMMITMENT: The only exception to the cancellation policy is if you verbally commit with a college program. If this is the case, we have to know outside of 7 days of your LineUP with an email written to specifying the name of the program your daughter verbally committed to, along with the date of that commitment (the sooner we know the better). You will receive a full refund less $25 service charge. Within 7 days of the event we are unable to offer any refund.
HOCKEY SELECTIONS/NEXUS: If you are waiting on hockey selections that might overlap or interfere with the LineUP you registered for, this includes a club travel team, Nexus, a USA select team or any other special team, we cannot make any special exceptions. We encourage you to communicate with the organizer of that selection team prior to registering for LineUP and don't recommend doubling up on events. Outside of 21 days of your LineUP date, we offer our transfer program, so communicate with that organization by then. We cannot make any special exceptions per NCAA compliance.
SORRY, WE CAN'T MAKE EXCEPTIONS: Because LineUP hires NCAA coaches, we cannot make any special exceptions to our cancellation policy. This would break NCAA compliance.  By registering for the LineUP, you are aware of our cancellation policy. You also signed off on this in our waivers when you registered.