Video Game Film at the LineUP

  • On Dec 4th every athlete will play in two 30-minute 8v8 games (on turf).  Film covers both games.
  • If you don't have a handful of updated film from the last 6 months, we strongly suggest this so you can finalize your highlight video and send it out to coaches this winter.
  • Full 1920x1080 HD
  • Elevated position
  • Muted Sound
  • Online clipping tool to download highlight ready clips
  • Single User License: only the purchaser can access the film. You will be able to view the entire games streaming online anytime and download 100% editable clips of your athlete for use in highlight reels. Full download access is only available via the TEAM PACKAGE.
Starting at: $125
Post Event Price: $150
All games on all fields will be professionally filmed in HD from an elevated angle at the LineUP Matches. Early bird rates are available on all packages ordered before midnight on December .
Premium packages for only $150 and $250.
March 26 Purchase
July 16 Purchase
July 23 Purchase
July 30 Purchase
December 3 Purchase

Video cannot be offered for June 18