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December 3, 2022
Taunton, MA:
Outdoor game - Indoors on field turf


89 1-hour college clinics in 1 day. Each clinic is limited to just 18 field players & 2 GKs.

Video Game Film at the LineUP

All coaches listed have committed to joining The LineUP. Because the life of a coach can be very fluid, they cannot always guarantee they will be on site for a portion or all of the program. However, at this time, we fully expect them to be with us the entire time. 

To be Announced in September



December 3, 2022:
  • Location:
    • Fore Kicks
    • 223 Fremont St, Taunton, MA 02780
    • MAP LINK
  • Arrival Time:
    • 50-30 minutes prior to your first clinic
      • Due to capacity restrictions, we ask you do NOT enter the facility any earlier than 50 minutes before your first clinic. 
    • 8am Starts: We will open check-in at 7:10am (this will happen next to the turf downstairs).
    • 9am Starts: We will open check-in at 8:10am (this will happen upstairs).
    • 10am Starts: We will open check-in at 9:10am (this will happen upstairs).
  • Check-in:
    • Check in at the LineUP booth to get your jersey and your personalized check-in sheet. 
    • You will receive an email a few days prior to LineUP with your jersey number, please have this ready as you will check-in with your jersey number.
    • We will have the schedule available so you always know where to be at what time for your clinics and tourney games. 
  • End Time:
    • The tournament round robin ends at 6:30pm. 
  • Where to go before your clinic:
    • We will have a print-out of where the clinics located are so you know which field you are on. Please check this out at least 15 minutes before your clinic so you aren't late.
    • 3 minutes before your clinic starts (on the 57 of the hour), head onto the turf. (there is only 5 minutes between clinics).
    • Please walk on the sidelines as our college coaches are setting up their drills.  As you're walking to your clinic, please do not walk through other coach's drills as they are setting up, again, please walk on the SIDELINES.
    • Stand BEHIND the cage for your clinic.
    • Wait until your coach invites you onto their field to start the clinic.
  • Packing list:
    • Proof of vaccination or recent negative COVID test. You will not be able to participate if you do not bring this. A clear picture is OK. 
      • If you have a parent/fan attending, we will need this for them if they want to hang at the facility and attend our talks. No one is permitted upstairs in our lounge/wait area unless they have proof of vaccination or negative COVID test within 72 hours of the event. A clear picture is OK. 
    • Mask (we will have extra). 
    • Water bottle, water & extra water! Have this filled up before you arrive. 
      • The facility will have water but  we suggest bringing an extra water bottle that is filled up, especially if you have a clinic back to back.
    • Lunch & lots of snacks
      • It’s a long day and night! Most of our athletes will be there for 10 hours, make sure to bring enough food and snacks to keep you energized.
    • We will provide nice jerseys that you get to keep. If you have a certain type of tank or T-shirt you prefer to wear under jersey we encourage you to bring it.
      • Goalies - we will provide a GK shirt with a number.
    • NO CLEATS.
    • All your standard OUTDOOR hockey gear - mouth guard, shin guards, any tape, or anything you need to rock and roll on the field all day long. The event is indoors - but will be outdoor rules and equipment. 
    • Your hockey notebook & pen
    • If you are driving, it might be nice to pack a foldable chair so you don't have to sit on the ground if all the chairs are used.
    • The facility might be a bit chilly,  bring an extra sweatshirt and sweatpants.
    • Questions for the college coach. Ok ok, you can't physically pack this. But come prepared with questions!
  • Video
    • Did you order your video of your tournament games?
    • Details HERE
  • Weather:
    • Due to inclement weather, this event will not be canceled nor postponed.
    • This event will occur inside.
  • Jersey:
    • We will supply you with a jersey with your own unique number at registration, you will get to keep this jersey. 
    • We have given each coach the list of each athlete with each athlete’s jersey number so they can easily ID you.
    • You will also be emailed this jersey number a few days before the event, you will check-in with this number. 
  • We just got instagram!
    • Follow us @thelineupfh
    • If you have a hockey account - DM us from that account so we can repost to our story!
  • Tournament: 
    • Tournament round robin is from 3:30-6.30pm.  The games are 8v8 on half of a full hockey field, and are 30 minutes long. Each athlete will play 2 games, coached by the participating college coaches. At sign-in you will get your assigned teams and times. You can purchase this film. 
  • Your Login:
    • Login to your account to see what you have registered for HERE.
  • Parents/Fans:
    • Due to capacity restrictions, parents cannot be on or near the turf during the clinics. We have rented the full upper level of the facility for rest and wait area. Parents are not allowed to film the college clinics. 
    • Parents are allowed to film the games and you have the option to purchase the professional film. 
    • RECAP: Clinics = no fans around turf  | Tournament games = fans watching is OK.
    • Parents and Fans will be directed up the stairs to the 2nd floor after their athlete is checked-in.
    • We will host 1 college prep Q&A which we encourage parents to attend too. We will be taking questions from parents.
    • Please do not invite anyone who does not have to be there throughout the day. This is due to facility's capacity restrictions and COVID safety. 
    • All parents/ fans must wear a mask 24/7 while inside the facility. The only exception to this is if you are actively eating or drinking upstairs, and please social distance while doing so.
  • College Prep Q&A:
    • We will host a 30-minute College Prep Q&As with different college coaches at 12:15pm.
    • Athletes - please come prepared with questions to ask the college coaches! We will also be taking questions from parents. If you are playing this hour have your parents attend if they can. 
    • No check-in is required.
  • Insurance:
    • We strongly suggest all athletes purchase insurance. This will protect you against sickness or injury. LineUP does not offer refunds or credits if you get sick or injured. More info HERE.

December 3, 2022 will be held at the Fore Kicks III - 223 Fremont St, Taunton, MA 02780


  1. T. F. Green Airport, RI-30 miles
  2. Boston Logan International Airport-40 miles
  3. Bradley International Airport, CT - 120 miles


  1. Providence, RI: 30 miles
  2. Boston, MA: 40 miles
  3. New Haven, CT: 120 miles
  4. NYC: 200 miles
  5. Philadelphia, PA: 290 miles


Space is limited and viewing the indoor turf and hockey action here is virtually non-existent. For this reason, we encourage family and fans to take time away from the venue and have lunch or explore the area.  We've provided some links to do that below.  RECOMMENDED LUNCH: Closeby, Home Plate Bay Street Grill   /   in center of town, Liberty and Union Alehouse   | CASINOS Plainridge Park and a little further Tiverton Casino  both will have meal options, shopping and activities. | TRIP ADVISOR: RESTAURANTS  
FOOD DELIVERY:  SportsGrub, Nice sandwiches, at a good price - a food delivery service offered for the LineUP at Fore Kicks. NOTE, this service must be pre-ordered, online, only through their app - by December 1st!!!!.

To pre-order, download their free app "SportsGrub". Instructions and App download HERE
Make sure to order with them by Dec 1st if you choose this delivery option. 


From December 4, 2021 Schedule


Fields For Clinics


Fields For Tournament

And 7-8PM Clinics

Pricing & Registration - December 4 (EXPIRED)

  • Tuesday Oct 17th at 8pm eastern: Phase I opens; you can register for your top 3 clinics
  • Sunday Oct 23th: we will start to open up some of the waitlist (we suggest you register for your top 3 clinics before this date)
  • Nov 1st: Phase II open; all athletes can register for any additional clinics they choose
  • Nov 15th: Last day to register for clinics. All participants will be "Locked" into their clinic choices.
  • December 3Event Date: Register the day of the event 45 minutes prior to your first clinic.
IMPORTANT clinic registration NOTES (EXPIRED):
  • Register using the same account you registered for your entry fee. Here is the login so you can double check. 
  • The 'TBD' on the schedule means we will open up more clinics based on what sells out first. We will update the schedule throughout the week. 
  • Combined clinics - NEW! As you can see from the schedule, a couple clinics are combined; this means the 2 coaches/programs are pairing up and all the drills will be together. Check out the schedule above to see if that combined clinic is on 1 or 2 fields (2 fields means twice as much space). 
  • Again, only register for 1, 2 or 3 clinics this week (no more than 3!)
    • If you only want to register for 1 or 2, that is fine - but why come for so few? 🙂
  • You don't have to immediately register for clinics at 8pm on Tuesday night, but we do strongly encourage you to register during this week, as clinics will sell out. 
  • You make your schedule! We encourage breaks throughout the day and we strongly discourage you from signing up for 3 clinics in a row to prevent you from getting too tired. 
  • Goalies have a different registration process.

We're determined to provide impact and value for your investment. Not just by offering an attractive price, but by providing access to a level of college coaches rarely represented together - coaching - at one time.  

We've worked hard at keeping this affordable.  We know some recruiting programs that charge in excess of $700. You can participate in The LineUP for as low as $409.

  1. The "Entry Fee" is only $349. We have a convenient and free payment plan. Deposit is only $89.  This guarantees you a roster spot into this program. PLUS:
    1. Gives you access to register for the college clinics.
    2. Allows you entry and free access to all the panels with college coaches
    3. Receive & keep our very cool pinnie 🙂 All coaches will be given your pinnie number, schedule & details.
    4. Provides a roster spot in the Game-Play Action Showcase. Play in 2 games being coached and watched by the college coaches.
  2. Additional clinic pricing is $60. per clinic. You will register for these in October (details below).
    1. By registering, you agree to sign-up to a minimum of 1 clinics at $60. each (you choose the clinic).
    2. You have the option to register for as many clinics as you like. Each clinic will cost $60. We recommend doing no more than 5 clinics.

We recommend athletes purchase insurance in case of injury or illness, more info HERE.
LineUP has a 3.99% registration/credit card fee. No other hidden fees or extra dues.
By Registering for The LineUP, you agree to our COVID policies. More info HERE. 

It's a 3-step process.
GKs - click on Goalie Page to see how you will register. 

STEP 1: Register 

  1. The first thing is to register with your "Entry Fee".
    1. Registration opens Sunday, Sept 25th at 6pm est.

STEP 2: Clinic Sign-up (for your top 3)

  1. In October, all registered athletes will be notified by email that the college clinic registrations are open for sign-up. We will provide this schedule on this page as well.
  2. At that time, you will be provided with the registration link & password for the college clinics. You will then go in and select your top 3 clinics for $60/clinic.
    1. Popular coaches will do multiple clinics to meet higher demand. However, even if a coach were to run 3 clinics, they would not be able to work with every athlete.  Therefore it is in the athletes interest to book their clinics sooner, rather than later.
    2. You will have up to 5 days to register for your top 3 clinics.
    3. If you register for more than 3 clinics in this window, our staff will randomly delete one of your clinics.
      1. This is to ensure athletes aren't registering for 4 or 5 clinics during this 5-day window. Clinics have limited numbers, so we wouldn't want one athlete's 5th clinic option to book up another athlete's 1st option - ya know?
    4. If you forget to register during this 5-day window, you can register later - but most likely many clinics will be sold-out by then.

It is our goal that every athlete gets to work with their top 3 coaches. During this 5-day window if you do not get your ideal top 3 clinics, please email so we can help. We cannot guarantee your top choices, but we will do everything in our power. If you are dissatisfied, we will offer you a full refund during this window. 

STEP 3: Additional Clinic Sign-ups

  1. Option to register for a 4th or 5th clinic. This will happen around around 1 week after all athletes registered for their top 3 clinics. We do this to ensure all athletes get their top 3 clinics.
  2. Just like the first round, we will send you the new password and you will go in and register for an optional 4th or 5th clinic, based on availability and your schedule.

We promise it's easier than it sounds! We will send emails communicating with you, and post updates on this page. Click on FAQ to learn more.

Cancellation Policy:
We offer full refunds less $89 prior to Nov 4th. After Nov 4th there are no refunds or credits. Two exceptions:
1) If you commit to a college program and would like to cancel, you will receive a full refund less $25 service charge. Please inform us by November 27th.
2) If you have to attend an NIT qualifier on Dec 3th at Ursinus you can keep the $89 as a credit, less $25 service charge. Please inform us as soon as possible, and no later than November 15th. 
-We strongly suggest all participants get Insurance.
-Please see our COVID cancellation policy in the case the event is cancelled due to COVID-19 government mandates. 
-Read our FAQs to learn more.

"My daughter LOVED the event. It was like she was floating after 12+ hours of field hockey in the heat—she couldn’t have been happier.  Congrats!!"

-Mom, July 9&16

"My daughter had an amazing experience yesterday at the LineUP. Thank you for a creative and well-planned event!!"

-dad, July 9 & 16

"Today was awesome, she loved the camp. What a great format for these players, thank you!! Look forward to doing more in the future."

-Mom, July 16

"It’s really cool to see someone creatively disrupting a saturated recruiting/showcase industry where so many events just do the same thing, in a way that seems to work better for both recruits and coaches."

-DI college coach

"I really enjoyed the Line UP structure. What I liked most about Line Up, was the ability to select coaches. Awesome camp! Thank you."

-Athlete, July 31

Don't Get Lost in a Sea of Athletes

Limited to 20 Athletes per Clinic

Held at
Fore Kicks
December 3, 2022
Taunton, MA

The Best Way to See, and Be Seen

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