• Meet our Team HERE!
  • Arrival Time:
    • Arrive at least 45 minutes before your first clinic. 
    • We are opening sign-in at 7:15am for athletes who registered for an 8am clinic.
  • Sign-in:
    • Check in at the LineUP booth to sign-in & get your pinnie. 
    • You will also receive your tournament times and a reminder list of the clinics you are registered for and the field number they are on. 
    • You will also receive a color coded wristband indicating your grad year that you will be required to wear throughout the day.
    • We will have the schedule available so you always know where to be at what time. 
  • Departure Time:
    • The tournament round robin ends at 7:45pm. 
  • Warmup:
    • LineUP staff is hosting a hockey warmup on the astro for athletes with an 8am clinic from 7:40-7:55am.  (We suggest you stretch and do some plyo’s beforehand.)
    • LineUP staff is hosting a warmup on the 2nd field turf for athletes with a 9am clinic from 8:40-8:55
    • Field 7, 8 & 9 are available most of the day for warmups and open field play. Check out the schedule to see when they are available. When you are on these fields, please be cognizant of the Gk clinics and if any other clinics are happening on the field at this time.
  • Packing list:
    • The Proving Grounds COVID waiver, link below (if your parents will be at The LineUP, no need to bring the waiver, we will have extras and they can sign there).
    • Water bottle, water & extra water!
      • The facility will have water but there is only one spout so we suggest bringing your own water and bring an extra water bottle because the spout is not next to the field. 
    • Lunch & lots of snacks
      • It’s a long day and night! Most of our athletes will be there for 12 hours, make sure to bring enough food and snacks to keep you energized.
    • We will provide pinnies that will need to be returned at the end of the day. If you have a certain type of tank or T-shirt you prefer to wear under pinnies we encourage you to bring it.
      • Goalies - we will provide a GK shirt with a number.
    • All your standard hockey gear - mouthguard, shin guards, any tape, or anything you need to rock and roll on the field all day long.
    • Sunscreen & anything else you need to have a healthy, successful day! 
    • Any gently used gear that you can donate. Donate your gently used gear to The So Sports Foundation. They are taking sticks, shinguards, shoes, bags, and goalie gear (no clothing!).
    • This is a mask-optional event.
    • Your hockey notebook & pen
    • Questions for the college coach. Ok ok, you can't physically pack this. But come prepared with questions!
    • If you need to be taped, or anything injury preventative, be sure to do that before arriving. 
  • Weather:
    • Due to inclement weather, this event will not be canceled nor postponed.
    • In case of rain - bring plastic bags, extra clothes, a weather pod, water proof equipment bag, raincoats, etc. The facility does not have an indoor space to store your gear and take rain shelter under. LineUP will have a tent for shelter from the rain, but bags and gear are NOT allowed in the tent. 
    • In case of lightning - if we need to stop training due to storm or lightning, we will ask all athletes and families to go in their car. If an athlete was dropped off, the facility has a small indoor space to take shelter from lightning - please let our staff know at check-in if you do not have a car to retreat to in case of lightning. 
    • In case of hot hot heat - bring a cooler, ice, a portable fan, an umbrella or small tent, or anything to help keep you cool between clinics and games.
  • Pinnie:
    • We will supply you with a pinnie with your own unique number at registration. 
    • We have given each coach the list of each athlete with each athlete’s pinnie number so they can easily ID you.
      • You must return this pinnie at the end of your day. If we do not receive your pinnie at the end of the day you will be invoiced for $85.
  • SO Sports Foundation:
    • Donate your gently used gear to The So Sports Foundation this Friday, July 9th at the Line Up. They are taking sticks, shinguards, shoes, bags, and goalie gear (no clothing!). Your donations will support grassroots sites, free clinics, and camp scholarships.
      • So sports will have a booth at The LineUP between 8am-1pm. Stop by and learn more and/or donate gear!
      • For more information on donations, email Meghan at or find them on Instagram: @so_field_hockey
  • COVID-19
    • If you are not vaccinated and have been around anyone who was recently diagnosed with COVID-19, contact us ASAP.
  • We just got instagram!
    • Follow us @thelineup2021
    • If you have a hockey account - DM us from that account so we can repost!
      • Let us know which recent post you want us to repost and which lineup you are attending, and any other details you’d like to share (psst, we are going to tell our college coaches to check out the account!)
  • Tournament: 
    • Tournament round robin is from 4.30-8pm.  The games are 8v8 on half of a full hockey field, and are 35 minutes long. Each athlete will play 3 games, coached by the participating college coaches. At sign-in you will get your assigned teams and times. 
  • Your Login:
    • Login to your account HERE. Make sure you know what clinics you are registered for!
  • Parents:
    • Parents can watch from designated areas.
    • Parents are not allowed to film the clinics. 
    • Parents are allowed to listen-in on the College Prep Q&A but are not allowed to participate (we found that parents take over the conversation when we allow them to ask questions!)
  • College Prep Q&A:
    • We will host five 30-minute College Prep Q&As with different college coaches on the 15 minute mark of the hour, from 10:15am-2:45pm.
    • Athletes - please come prepared with questions to ask the college coaches!
    • This will be located outside, under our tent.  Please be prepared in case of rain, etc. 
    • This is designed to be an interactive and educational experience between the coach and the athlete. We are allowing parents to listen in (think you're a fly on the wall!) because we know how crucial a parent's role is in the recruiting process.  
    • You are allowed to attend however many of these as you like, or none! No check-in is required. 
  • Clinic Timing:
    • Your clinics will start on the hour with a double horn.  Please be ready to go 5 minutes before your clinic waiting just off the pitch. If you're coming from another clinic you will have these 5 minute as a break. 
    • During this 5 minute break between clinics, we will play music. Athletes are not allowed on the pitch while music is playing. This is time for coaches to set up their field. 
    • 1 minute before the hour, our staff will allow you  onto the pitch and you will wait  on the sideline behind the cage until your coach invites you onto their mini field for their clinic. 
    • When your clinic ends on the 55 of the hour, quickly get off the pitch, make sure all the balls are picked up before this time. 


The Proving Grounds requires a COVID waiver in order to attend.  Please download, print, complete and sign - and bring it with you on July 9 to hand-in when you sign-in on the day of the event. If mom or dad are joining The LineUP, 




Committed Coaches July 9


Tjerk v Herwaarden
Head Coach
Team Page


Missy Meharg
Head Coach
Team Page


Carla Tagliente
Head Coach
Team Page


Ange Bradley
Head Coach
Team Page


Katie DeSandis
Head Coach
Team Page


Colleen Fink
Head Coach
Team Page


Jordan McKeee
Assoc. Head Coach
Team Page


Ralph Boersma
Asst. Coach
Team Page


Melissa Gonzalez
Assoc. Head Coach
Team Page



Mark Egner
Head Coach

Team Page


Jennoifer Stone
Head Coach
Team Page



Mark Foster
Asst. Coach

Team Page



Taylor Blood
Asst. Coach

Team Page


Joanie Millhous
Head Coach
Team Page


Carissa Vittese
Asst. Coach
Team Page


Jackie Kane
Head Coach
Team Page


Pam Stuper
Head Coach
Team Page

All coaches listed have committed to joining The LineUP. Because the life of a coach can be very fluid, they cannot always guarantee they will be on site for a portion or all of the program. However, at this time, we fully expect them to be with us the entire time. Most talent ID events that operate over muliple days typically provide athletes with 12 hours of programing. Coaches are busy.  They prefer one-and-done, which is why more top quality coaches can join the LineUP for the day.

Pricing July 9

We're determined to provide impact and value for your investment. Not just by offering an attractive price, but by providing access to a level of colleges rarely represented on-field - at one time.  This year, more than any other, it is critical you spend your time and money wisely.

We've worked hard at keeping this affordable.  We know of recruiting programs that charge in excess of $700 with $600 plus the norm.

  1. The "Entry Fee" is only $289. This guarantees you a roster spot into this program. PLUS:
    1. Gives you the right to make Semi-Private Clinic reservations with our coaches.
    2. Allows you entry and free access to all the panels with college coaches
    3. And provides a roster spot in the Game-Play Action Showcase.
  2. Additional clinic pricing is $50. per clinic. (You will register for these later in the spring when field times are announced)
    1. By registering, you agree to sign-up to a minimum of 3 clinics at $50 each (you choose with who).
  3. With 3 clinics your minimum investment to participate is $439.
  4. You have the option to register for a clinic every hour that clinics are available - possibly as many as 8. Each clinic will cost $50.
    1. We recommend doing no more than 6 . The number of clinics you do in a day should depend on your strength, stamina and fitness.

It's a 2-step process.
STEP 1: Register

  1. The first thing is to register with your "Entry Fee"
    1. The "Entry Fee" will guarantee you a roster spot in this program.
    2. The "Entry Fee" gives you the right to make Semi-Private Clinic reservations.
    3. In addition The "Entry Fee" allows you:
      1. Through the gate with entry and free access to...
      2. Education Panels and College Prep Seminars
      3. 7v7 Game-Play Showcase

STEP 2: Clinic Sign-up
It's simple. It might seem confusing because it's new.

  1. The first thing is to register with your "Entry Fee" (you did this in Step 1).
  2. Later in Spring (well before the event) all registered athletes will be notified by email that Coach Clinic registrations are open for sign-ups.
  3. At that time you will be provided with the registration links for all participating co-op coaches.
  4. Players then go online and sign-on to the clinic of their choice -- as long as space is available in that clinic. 
  5. Popular coaches will do multiple clinics to meet higher demand.
    1. However, even if a coach were to due triple-time at the event (as it is their choice) they would not be able to work with every athlete.  Therefore it is in the athletes interest to book sooner, rather than later, when they decide who they want to work with.
  6. Note that "Registered" players are confirmed to a clinic coach and time by a first to apply, space available basis.
  7. LineUP staff will be on hand to register last minute clinic decisions on the day of the event. (If space is open)

 Our hope and goal is that every athlete can work with the coach of their choice, but that cannot be guaranteed depending on a coaches clinic demand.  Best not wait on your selection once their times are announced.

July 9, 2021 will be held at the Proving Grounds - Conshohocken, PA.


  1. Philadelphia International Airport -25 miles
  2. Newark Liberty International Airport -90 miles
  3. Baltimore/Washington International Airport -110 miles


  1. Philadelphia, PA: 15 miles
  2. Wilmington, DE: 40 miles
  3. Baltimore, MD: 100 miles
  4. Washington DC: 140 miles
  5. Darien, CT: 145 miles
  6. Richmond, VA 240 miles
  7. Boston, MA: 310 miles


  • Check-in will be 45 minutes prior to your first clinic.
  • At check-in you will collect your numbered bib and schedule
  • First clinics begin at 8.00AM
  • 2 optional warm-ups available at 7.30AM and 8.30AM.
  • Coach and Field location will be posted at the event. It is the athletes responsibilty to be at the correct location and on time.
  • It may be possible to sign-up for additional clinics on the day of the event if there are open spots.
  • Matches to end at 7.45PM
  • A detailed email will be sent to one week in advance of the event  outlining everything you will need to know and do.
  • Hotel Rooms (optional)  have been blocked for July 8 & 9.
Hotels Here

Don't Get Lost in a Sea of Athletes

Limited to 20 Athletes per Clinic

The Proving Grounds
July 9th 2021
Conshohocken, PA


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