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A New Talent Identification Model


Eliza LOVED the 7/9 event.  It was like she was floating after 12+ hours of field hockey in the heat—she couldn’t have been happier.  She is very excited for the one in Greenwich on Friday.  Congrats!! 
-MOM JULY 9 & 16

I loved the July 9th LineUp! Being able to experience different coaches unique teaching styles and drill selections was an incredible opportunity. Thank you for developing and organizing the event! 

-ATHLETE July 9 & 31

Today was awesome, she loved the camp and got a lot out of it.  What a great format for these players, thank you!! Look forward to doing more in the future.

-Mom, July 16th

My daughter had an amazing experience yesterday at the LineUp.  Thank you for a creative and well-planned event!! 

- Dad, July 16th

I just wanted to say thank you...It was run really well- very organized, professional and most importantly, entirely focused on hockey. My daughter enjoyed all the clinics and the coaches did a great job. This was such a unique event and I hope it gains traction and continues moving forward. We would consider doing it next year even if Kate is already committed. 

Thank you so much for putting together the LineUp! I think it was a great experience and, by far, one of the best recruiting events I’ve been to. I felt like I got to know the coaches, learned a lot, met other nice players, I felt energized and excited. Great job and congratulations to your whole team!

We feel so privileged that Isabelle can play in front of so many coaches! Thank you for putting this together and doing such an outstanding job! Best wishes


Finally a Better Way

The LineUP is a cooperative of NCAA coaches working in a collaborative effort to efficiently and effectively identify local talent. The cooperative provides athletes the opportunity to determine and select the coaches they want to be with, reducing costs and conflicts while offering small-group clinics at off-campus regional venues.

How It Works
20+ top NCAA programs and coaches are posted. You then can select a minimum of 1 or up to 5 or 6  clinics to participate in and train with in small groups for 1 hour each.

Why It Works

Up close and personal exposure.

The LineUP provides athletes with a comprehensive, razor focused approach to the college prep process through its unique design features. A  one-day "super event" saving you and your family valuable time, effort and resources.

Having multiple college clinics in one place, on one day, obviously provides you with up-close direct access to many coaches, but it also allows you quick insight and comparisons into coaching styles, personalities and on-field expectations.

At the LineUP is get to meet, train and play with other athletes who are interested in the same school.  Know your competition.

This is all critical information that EMPOWERS YOU to make an informed decision on your future.

It's a win for both coach and athlete alike. Coaches are on a search for prospects. Athletes seek quality time with coaches. Our mission is to provide this for both, with results and impact.

The LineUP is a new identification model. It’s the smart way to see, and be seen.

Every LineUP includes: Coach Tori’s College Prep Seminars for both Parent and Athlete; Q&A with college coaches; Panel discussions with college co-op coaches on what it's like to be a college athlete and what to expect, plus a full camp 8v8 match play, with Colege coaches as your coach.

  1. involving mutual assistance in working toward a common goal.
    The LineUp. A college coach cooperative.

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