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July 23 Goalie page

Goalie Registration Process: 

The registration process is different for GKs than field players. Because there are only two goalie spots per clinic, our staff will pre-assign you into your top 3 clinic choices. This is to ensure each goalie gets into their top 3 clinics; quite a puzzle! After all registered goalies fill out the form with your top clinics, we will then create a GK schedule pre-assigning each goalie. You will then register and pay.  Each college clinic is limited to just 18 field players and 2 goalies. Know that for college programs with extremely high goalie demand, there could be 3 goalies total in a clinic, to ensure each goalie gets their top choices. If this is the case, at least a month in advance we will notify all goalies with 3 goalies total in their clinic so that you are aware. Please read our FAQs.

  • May 18-22: Fill out the college clinic form above.
      • This is not your registration; we will use this form to create the GK schedule and then will pre-assign your clinics and times based on your answers.
  • May 24-27: Register and pay for your pre-assigned top 3 clinics.
      • By May 1st we will add an updated schedule below which will include each goalie’s pre-assigned clinics.
      • We will also include a  registration link and PW on this page then.
      • You will register and pay for your pre-assigned clinics, which are $60 each.
      • Don't worry, we will send you a reminder email during the week so that you won't forget 🙂 
  • May 29-July 10: Register for any additional clinics.
    • Based on availability.
    • Optional if you want to register for a 4th, 5th, clinic.

If you miss these deadlines, we cannot guarantee your top clinic choices.

NEW! The Goalie Trainer

  • -This is an optional training for you, in addition to the college clinics. For goalies only (of course!)
  • This will be the same price as all the other clinics - $60.
  • The Goalie Trainer, aka Coach Emily Snowden, will be working in very small groups running goalie-specific training. This is not a recruiting or college prep event; this is a 45-minute intensive technical and tactical goalie training.
  • The Goalie Trainer is a full-time goalie coach with her own facility; she is currently sold-out with an extensive waitlist at her facility; March 26th is a great opportunity to train and work with her!
  • This will be done on the outside turf, rain or shine. All other LineUP events are inside, this is outside, please dress and come prepared accordingly.
  • You can book this training May 24th and afterwards when you go into the registration system to register for your top 3 preassigned clinics.  
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Goalie FAQ
  • Am I guaranteed my top 3 clinics? 
    • Over the last year, we've hosted 5 LineUPs and all goalies so far have received their top 3 college program choices. However, if for example, we have 40 goalies and half want Villanova, that will pose a problem, because there will not be 20 GK spots in the Villanova clinics. Either we will call those goalies to see how flexible they are, or get creative with setting time earlier in the morning or later in the evening for the coach to work with all those goalies, or put more than 2 goalies in each clinic. 
  • How many goalies per clinic?
    • There are 2 goalies per clinic**.
      • If there is a college program with extreme high goalie demand, there could be max 3 goalies in a clinic so that all goalies can work with their top 3 programs.
        • We will email you at least a month in advance so you are aware that there will be more than 2 total goalies in your clinic and you will have the choice to swap.
        • The college coach is also aware and okay'd that there would be 3 goalies total.
    • The only other way there could be 3 goalies total in a clinic is if a college coach has an emergency the morning-of the event (for example, tests positive for COVID that morning) and cannot make it and their clinics are canceled. In that circumstance, the goalies in that clinic have the option to be a 3rd goalie in another clinic of their choice. 
    • For the June 18th event, there are max 15 field players per clinic. 
  • How do I know if a coach is recruiting a GK my year?
    • We suggest you communicate with that coach beforehand to ensure their program is recruiting a goalie your year. (note that freshman and sophomores looking at DI cannot yet ask these questions directly to the coach, per NCAA rules until June 15th after their sophomore year).
  • Will there be goalie-specific coaching in the college clinics? 
    • LineUP is a college coach co-op, which means each college clinic will be unique to that college coach’s style. This is a great opportunity for you to learn what a typical practice could be like and ask the coach these questions at the training!