Please note: New coaches have been added.  At the very least we want to place you in your top 3 choices.
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  • Field players will be given the chance to select their clinics soon. But first, we are accommodating the goalkeepers.
  • Our goal is that every athlete gets their top 3 clinic choices, (however we cannot guarantee this).¬†
  • This form is for the ATHLETE to fill out (not the parent). We do however suggest the athlete reviews their clinic choices with a parent and/or their coach before submitting.
  • To see which coaches are currently committed to coaching these clinics, go to the July 16 Coach Page.
  • Follow our partner @SportEuroTour on instagram as that is where we will also post updates and other hockey news, clinics, etc!
  • For all your questions, please check out our FAQ page here.
  • Each mini college clinic is designed for 18 field players and 1-3 goalkeepers* - for an intimate training experience¬†directly with the college coach for 1 full hour.
  • For goalies, The LineUP will assign you your clinics (this way, registration doesn't unfairly favor the goalies who see the email first).
  • Since some college programs have higher demand for goalies than other programs and can't accommodate all those goalies in their clinic(s), we will offer mini and intimate goalie showcases with those coaches on field 10, so that more goalies can be seen by that coach.
HOW TO SELECT the right fit:

Make sure to research each school's academic and hockey program before making this selection. While it's great to reach for the stars, we suggest not selecting all of your clinics that are a reach in hockey and/or academics, but instead select a range of schools:

  • HOCKEY FIT: Read the bios of the athletes on the team to get a feel of their level. Ask your coaches their opinion if that program would be a good fit. Ask any teammates if they know anyone who plays for that team or who was recruited by them.
  • ACADEMIC FIT: Go to the school's website and read their Student Profile. Check their SAT, ACT, GPA of the average student they submit. Talk with your school advisor and any teachers who might be able to help guide you.
  • CULTURAL FIT: Take a virtual tour of campus. Does the school have your potential interested major? Do you like the size/location? Ask any friends or teammates if they know anyone who goes to this school.