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June 18, 2022
Info Page
--Hotel: Will be announced soon, will be within 5-15 minute drive of facility
--Facility: The Proving Grounds, PA:
--Airport: Philadelphia airport.  If you haven't book flight, please do that now.  Keep in mind for travel booking and planning, we have 17 'TBD' clinics, so good chance you will get another clinic added to your schedule.  If you are flying in, please do not book flight morning-of event, as it's too risky with flight delays. 

Coach Compensation: 
--$30/athlete who registers for your clinic
--PLUS $300  (this can help go towards gas/ubers that the travel stipend might not cover)
--PLUS LineUP pays for, and books, your hotel the night before/after if you need it.
--PLUS LineUP will supply delish meals/coffee for you all day on June 18th. 
--This event does not have a tourney, so you can leave after your last clinic! You will receive your check after your last clinic. You are also welcome to watch other clinics. 

Note that June 18th is a bit different because clinic numbers are a smaller; clinics are max'd at 15 field & 2 gks - 17 athletes total per clinic, $510 for each sold-out clinic. Also, the June 18th LineUP will not have a tournament. (Yes, you can head out after your last clinic! But keep in mind you might get a clinic added). 

If more than 1 coach from your institution attends LineUP:
--Athletes (and LineUP) loves when more than 1 coach attends!
-- Coach comp, and travel stipend, is per institution. So if 2 coaches from your institution are attending LineUP, we can split the check 50/50 or the head coach can pay assistant coach on their own.  If you want to split the check, let us know at least a week in advance.
--We STRONGLY encourage coaches with multiple sold-out clinics to have another coach or helper assist you with your clinics.  
--If both coaches will need a hotel room, let us know at least a month in advance so we can get a hotel room with 2 beds. If coaches are different genders, let us know at least a month in advance so we can get 2 hotel rooms for you.

Coach Travel Stipend NEWLY UPDATED:
--In addition to your pay above and hotel, any coach traveling 200+ miles distance will receive a travel stipend. Distance is measured from your institution to the Proving Grounds.
--¢40 per mile, up to $400.  This is round trip. (ie, if your institution is 300 miles away, we will comp 600 miles X ¢.40)
--Coaches secure/purchase their own transport. We do not need to see any receipts, so if it costs you less, you get to pocket it 🙂
--Ubers & Lyfts: LineUP will not compensate/venmo for ubers/lyfts to airport. This is what the travel stipend/compensation is for. 
--Any coach who does not have a car, LineUP can coordinate a ride to/from the hotel and facility and back 
--The travel stipend will be added to your check.
--IE, if your institution is 700 miles away from facility, LineUP will offer you a $400 travel stipend. IE, if your institution is 319 miles away, LineUP will comp you a $255 travel stipend. IE, if you are coming from 180 miles away, you will not get a travel stipend.
--Just like Coach Compensation, travel stipend is paid per institution.

College Coach Point of Contact:
Tori Whitcher
508.566.9029 (texting works too)

Clinic Schedule June 18th 

  • TBD = we will add clinics over April 24-May 10, based on what clinics fill up.
LineUP Timetable for Coaches:

--April 24th: Phase I opens; athletes can register for their top 3 clinics
--May 8th: Phase II opens, all athletes can register for any additional clinics 
***Mid May: LineUP will email college coaches individually with the list of athletes registered for their college clinic plus the list of all athletes attending.  Any athletes who you want to participate in your clinic who have not signed up yet, they have until June 5th to register for your clinic. 
--June 5th: Last day for athletes to register for clinics.
***Week leading up to event: LineUP will send you the final list of all athletes participating in June 18th LineUP, plus your final list of all athletes registered for your college clinics. 

  • How our clinic schedule is made: This schedule will be based off two factors: 1) How many athletes listed the college clinic in their top 3 when they registered for their Entry Fee  &...  2) Number of registrants for clinics in past LineUPs.  
  • We understand emergencies, illness & job changes happen, but please make sure another coach from your program can rep your program if you cannot make June 18. Unlike any other camp or clinic, with LineUP, athletes who select your clinic have planned their schedule around it, and it would be incredibly difficult to change, and would reflect poorly on your program.  Thank you in advance for considering this! 

Friendly reminders for the day:


  • If you filled out the form that you need a hotel room:
    • We reserved your room for you under your name with the front desk.  
    • If there are any last minute changes with your hotel, please tell us at least a week in advance. Oftentimes we can't get any refunds the week-of and if you want to add a night, oftentimes the hotel is booked up. 
    • Additionally, if a coach from your institution is coming at last minute and you need 2 beds in your hotel room, please tell us as far in advance, as rooms with double beds get booked up.
  • If you are flying in and not renting a car, we can also drive you form the hotel to the sports complex back, just communicate that with Tori. 
  • We created an official stipend policy. For our Lineup-alums, it might have changed from what we told you in the past, so make sure you're familiar with it 🙂 

WhatsApp Coach Group:

  • JOIN OUR COACH WhatsApp GROUP!! join here

The Day:

  • Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your first clinic so we can show you the space, give you your paperwork, you can set up your clinic, grab a snack, etc. 
    • If you have never done LineUP before, please arrive at least 45 minutes in advance so Tori can run through the setup with you. 
  • Staff and coaches will have their own tent and private space to relax, eat, work, etc. 
    • The Proving Grounds does have an indoor lounge with wifi, but it's not available to rent but there is a big lax event happening at the Proving Grounds, so we bet it will be crowded/loud. 
  • We will print out a few lists for you, including the list of all athletes attending the event (by alphabetical order and also by jersey number). Plus we will print out the list of athletes in each of your clinics. 
    • It will be a relatively intimate event with a little over 300 athletes, all class of 2024. 
    • These lists will also be emailed to you in advanced of the event (see timetable above).
    • A few LineUP coaches have suggested to other coaches to download these lists in advance on your ipad to easily sort and find on the day. 
  • Your clinic - clinics are 55 minutes long:
    • We suggest designing your clinic around 45 minutes of training so that you have time for field clean-up, intros and Q&A. Athletes LOVE it when you have time to introduce yourself, the program, and talk about the program and answer questions. We encourage you to invite them on campus or to your on-campus camp/clinic (whatever is compliant of course!)
    • 00: Clinic start on the hour.
    • 55: All athletes have to be OFF on the 55 of the hour so that the next coach can set up their field.
    • 50: We suggest around the 50 of the hour you start doing field cleanup and goodbyes. 
    • LineUP staff does not do attendance for the individual clinics, therefore, at the beginning of the clinics you can choose to do attendance if you like so you know who didn't make it (and maybe an athlete is there by accident or sneaking in). 
    • If you have a morning clinic (especially a 8am or 9am clinic) there is a good chance the athletes did not warm up on their own. We do tell them to do plyos and stretch before their first clinic, but if you have a morning clinic, we suggesting spending the first 5 minutes doing a hockey warmup.
    • We always have a handful of no-shows and last minute cancels, so don't plan your clinic around that exact amount of field players/gks. 
  • If you have multiple sold-out clinics we STRONGLY suggest you bring a helper.
    • This does not have to be one of your staff, it could be a local athlete or coach you know.
    • If you want to pay them out of your lineup pay, please tell Tori at least a week in advance so we can edit your check and write up a new check for them.  We print checks out a few days before the event. Your helper/assistant is welcome to eat the staff/coach food and hang in the staff/coach room. 
  • Every mini field is 1/6 of a full-size hockey pitch (90 feet x 90 feet)
    • Every mini field has 1 cage and 70+ balls, cones and flat cones.
    • If you have any specialized gear you need to run your clinic, please bring that.
  • BRING:
    • Whistle, stick, white board, white board pen, watch, or anything else you might need to run your clinics.
    • We will have a couple extra sticks for coaches flying in.
    • Raincoat, sweatshirt/jacket in case we get weather.

Looking forward to seeing you all!

College Coach Point of Contact:
Tori Whitcher
508.566.9029 (texting works too)


March 26, 2022 will be held at
Florham Park Sports Dome - 76 Passaic Ave, Florham Park, NJ 07932


  1. Newark Int. Airport, NJ - 16 miles
  2. JFK Airport, NY - 50 miles
  3. Philadelphia Airport, PA - 100 miles
  4. Bradley International Airport, CT - 160 miles


  1. NYC: 30 miles
  2. Allentown, PA 75 miles
  3. Philadelphia, PA: 90 miles
  4. New Haven, CT: 115 miles
  5. Baltimore, MD 190 miles
  6. Boston, MA: 250 miles
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Don't Get Lost in a Sea of Athletes

Limited to 20 Athletes per Clinic

Held at
Florham Park Sports Dome
March 26, 2022
Florham Park, NJ

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