Tori Whitcher
Owner & Operator

The LineUP is Tori's brainchild; she came up with the unique concept after years of screaming "there HAS to be a better way!!" ...and then... The LineUP was born January '21.   She most certainly isn't new to hockey camps; Tori is the owner & operator of Sport EuroTour, where she brings hundreds of American hockey athletes abroad to train with the best and coaches in Europe. She is also the Director of World Camp USA.   Last year, USA Field Hockey awarded Tori with the Humanitarian of The Year award, in part for her field hockey webinar series during COVID that garnered +10K participants. Tori formerly played DI and is a former high school coach. 


Tanya Nongera-Nickerson 
Camp Manager

Tanya is the big boss woman in charge during your LineUP to ensure the day is a smooth at butter.  You have a question? She can answer it. Tanya also manages camper relations leading up to camp; you can contact her at  Tanya is the head Tour Leader for Sport EuroTour and a camp staffer for World Camp USA.  She is a Zimbabwe native who graduated from Trinity. Tanya is the president of Western NEPSAC and is most recently the former Head Coach of The Gunnery School, Assistant Athletic director, dorm parent, and Mandarin Teacher. Tanya will be starting her first year at Pomfret this August. 


Phoebe Hopkins
Head Field Coordinator

 Phoebe will ensure all the athletes know where they need to be at what times. She is the former former Assistant field hockey coach at Slippery Rock University and former Head Coach at Daniel Webster College. 


Emily Snowden
Goalie Coach

We love our goalies! Emily will ensure all goalkeepers at The LineUP have a support system and that they showcase themselves the best way possible. She will be running the Special GK clinic on field 10. Emily, AKA The Goalie Trainer, is a full-time goalie coach and runs a NEW goalies-only facility in Malvern, PA (goalies, check it out!!). She trains dozens of goalies every week, including some of the highest level goalies in the USA. Emily is EuroTour's Director of Goalkeeping to boot, and is the former goalie coach for Drexel. She has trained under the goalie guru, Martijn Drijver, in Amsterdam over the last 5 years. Em's energy is infectious and she is the best thing to happen to goalkeepers in the USA since.... ever! 


Bob Whitcher

Meet Bob. We call Bob Oz because he is the man behind the curtain who makes all the magic happen. Bob founded Sport EuroTour in 1989, and co-owns and co-founded World Camp USA since 2001. His 32 years of experience in the field hockey camp biz is one of LineUP's best kept secrets.  Bob is the guy who gets into the nitty gritty details from accounting and insurance to making sure everything is delivered on time. And yup! He sure went through the crazy recruiting process too! He helped put his two daughters through it, who ended up playing for Richmond and Yale. Oh, and did we mention he's Tori's dad?! Let's give it up for family businesses! If bob looks stressed at The LineUP,  just mention fly fishing to him 🙂


Our coaching is exceptional.
Matches are intense.

Sport EuroTour is LineUP's title sponsor. We specialize in Dutch Hockey, where the talent you train with is outstanding and the competition is strong and fast.

Here you'll gain a competitive advantage. Better still, you'll have an experience-of-a lifetime.

EuroTour will have a booth with some flyers at The LineUP.  This fall, Oct 1st, EuroTour will launch EuroTour 2022 sales and info, and you can set up a phone call with Tori this October to see if EuroTour 2022 is a good fit for you! If you don't want to wait until October, you can check out the website and even hold your spot with just $200 down (that is fully refundable through November 1st).