Dec 3 – Clinic Registration Tips:

On December 3, we will have 40 college programs, 11 hours of back to back clinic (first clinic starts at 8am, last clinic ends at 7pm), and over 138 clinics. We have quite a large indoor space, so there will be 12 college clinics running at a time. There will be no afternoon/evening tourney, so that athletes can work with more programs of their choice, and have more autonomy over their schedule for the day.

First and foremost, our most popular question – How many clinics should you register for?

The great part about LineUP is – you pick! Each clinic is $60. You pick and choose how many clinics you do, and you make your own schedule. Our pro tips with this:

  • Do not register for 3 clinics in a row.
    • Think about it – 3 hours of intensive hockey with not much break, plus you want to impress the coach… (that’s a lot!!) Plus your body needs a break, and you need time to eat.
  • Theoretically, you could do 8 max, if you did a 8,9,11,12,2,3,5,6… but in our opinion that would be too much and you most likely would be exhausted by your 5pm clinic.
  • If you want to get the absolutely max out of the day, you could do 6 clinics. If you did this, we suggest you space them out, and also that you are in good shape, as 6 hours of hockey is a lot for 1 day.
  • You can also just do 1 or 2 clinics if you wanted!
  • Unlike most of our previous LineUPs, there is not an evening tournament that you need to “save” your energy for!

Creating your own Schedule:

  • If you know you want to leave early or arrive late (ie, you have a 7pm flight and you need to leave LineUP a few hours prior) – register for your top 3 clinics RIGHT at 6pm on Oct 9th and register for your 4th/5th/6th clinic options RIGHT at 6pm on Oct 16th.
    • Clinics do sell out, so if you want to not only get all your top programs, and ALSO get those programs at your ideal times – then be the first one to register – before they sell out.
  • We said this above and we will say it again: we don’t suggest registering for 3+ hours of clinics in a row (your body needs a break!)

Timeline & things to know:

  1. Look at the clinic schedule. Map out which clinics you know you 100% want to do, and all the ‘maybes’. Clinic schedule is on the details page here:
    1. There are some ‘TBD’ clinics listed on there, which will be updated with a clinic week of Oct 9th, based on which clinics sell out first.
  2. Research the schools joining, so that you know which clinics you want to do and get the most out of your day. Read our blog post on this here:
  3. Field players register for their top 3 clinics on October 9th at 6pm est. Look at the clinic schedule and make sure the 3 times you select don’t overlap with a potential 4th, 5th, 6th clinic you may sign up for later.
    1. Also, totally fine if you just want to do 1 or 2 clinics.
    1. We guarantee all athletes get to work with their top 3 programs. Make sure to register by Oct 15 for this. If you have difficulties getting your top 3, email us at and we can help.
  4. Everyone will register for optional 4th, 5th, 6th clinics on Oct 16th at 6pm est. Clinics will get sold out, so we do suggest doing this the evening of the 16th.
    1. While we try out best, we do not guarantee that there will be space in your 4th/5th options. If you’re having difficulties with this, email us and we can try our best to help.
  5. You can later swap a clinic for another available clinic if you change your mind, if so, email We cannot guarantee this but we do our best to help.

Here are some extra pro tips of ours:

Juniors & Seniors: This is the perfect time to get one of your final touch points with that coach before committing to a program/school:

  • To get the most out of the day, sign up for clinics with coaches who are actively emailing you back and scheduling calls with.
  • Email our team if any college coach tells you that you are not a good fit for their program. In that case, we can swap you out of that clinic with another available clinic if you choose. We need a 3 week notice.
  • Juniors – if one of your top schools/programs is not actively emailing you back or setting up calls with you, we recommend you still add them as one of your clinics.
    • Make sure they are a good fit, academically & hockey.
    • Typically as a junior, if a coach is not emailing you back, it means one of two things: 1) they do not know enough about you to make a decision OR 2) they don’t think you are a good fit for their program (or school).
      • If the first, then LineUP is a great opportunity for you to showcase your skills so they can determine if you’d be a good fit!
      • If the latter, then hopefully the coach will be direct with you, so that you can cross that program off your school list and you can register for a different clinic.
    • We wrote a blog post specifically on this, go check it out!
  • If you are not getting email responses back from DI programs, we strongly suggest registering for at least one DIII LineUP clinic.
  • If you commit to a program between now and LineUP, email us! We offer full refunds (less a $45 service charge) if you commit. Just let us know outside of 14 days of the event.

Freshman & Sophomores: LineUP is the perfect opportunity to not only work with some of the coaches on your list, but to also experiment and work with programs not on your list (to help grow your list!).

  • For your clinic selection, we suggest registering for 1 “reach” school on your list, 1 “safety” school on your list, 1 school not on your list that might be a good fit (this will help expand your list), plus 1 school on your list that is a really good fit.

Email us with any questions about your schedule, or registering for your clinics:

Get excited!!

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